New Students

For 2009 new students, if you need a cellphone plan, please go here. If you need a ride to shopping centers, please go here.

Welcome to Princeton University!

When you get your US visa successfully, you can book your flight. Two things to remember:

1. Airports. There are two International Airport around Princeton within 1hr drive. One is Newark International Airport (EWR), and the other one is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Avoid JFK, since traffic through New York City is nearly impossible.
2. Book tickets with your new friends, and come as a group if you can.

After you get the air ticket, you can contact acsspu to help you find a volunteer to pick you up. Please write the email at least 10 days before your planned arrival. Tell us your name, flight number, arrival date/time, luggage size and amount, as well as how many people are coming together.

OK, now you may be wondering what to bring, what to prepare, and be very anxious to the new life! Here are some guides you can read. They are useful to your preparation, as well as your life at Princeton.

Don't forget to email acsspu to join in our association!

Hope you have a wonderful life at Princeton!


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