President Candidate's Essay

My name is Mengjie Wang (王梦洁) and I'm a Master in Finance student here at Princeton. I'm now applying for the presidential position of ACSSPU.

Throughout the past eight months of my time in Princeton, I've truly benefited a lot from ACSSPU, from the very first day's airport pickup, to the enjoyment of watching the movie "Jian Guo Da Ye" with many other students, further to the fall break trip to West Point. I've also luckily participated in planning many of ACSSPU events-Mid Autumn Festival Gala, Spring Festival Gala, etc. I’d say that ACSSPU is undoubtedly an integral part of my life here at Princeton—I’ve devoted a lot time in it, but the takeaways are much more: the precious friendship, wonderful teamwork experiences (which I mentioned almost every time during my summer intern interviews), as well as the great deal of happiness and the sense of accomplishment when we saw our efforts paying off.

However, running for the presidential position is never an easy decision. Having witnessed what kind of a life that our president Fei has been undergoing, I know clearly the amount of responsibilities attached to this position and all the sacrifices that one has to make. Knowing all of these, I found even stronger reasons for me to try. First and foremost is the confidence in the great team-to-be of the new ACSSPU board. Working with many of the first-year graduate students through the preparation for the two celebration shows, I was constantly amazed by their talents, creativities and all those sparkles of inspiration. Beyond that, they are all very dedicated and pleasant to work with, which are definitely crucial components of a successful team. So I believe no matter who would be the president, he or she would feel quite assured with the support from such a team. And the second reason is related to my own personality—I enjoy interacting with people and working in a teamwork environment. I believe firmly that happiness is only real when shared. So working with the wonderful colleagues in ACSSPU would be a great experience for me.

The ultimate goal of ACSSPU would be to serve all Chinese students and scholars at Princeton. Bearing this in mind, my future plan for the job, if me being selected, could not be clearer. Besides the traditional activities and events of ACSSPU, such as picking up new students from airport, organizing vacation trips, holding festival galas, and much more, ACSSPU would always try its best to meet whatever needs Chinese students and scholars may have and be the voice, in order to make our life at Princeton easier and better. For example, I am thinking of providing a platform to facilitate more communication and interactions among Chinese students and scholars on campus, between ACSSPU and other student groups in Princeton, and also between town and gown. Furthermore, as the representative of the Chinese, everything that ACSSPU does matters not only to the board members but also to every Chinese student and scholar here. So preserving its goodwill and increasing its professionalism would be of great value to everyone. These are just some preliminary and random thoughts, but I do hope to have the chance to perfect and implement them step by step.

No matter being selected or not, I would continuously try my best to contribute to ACSSPU. And I believe ACSSPU would always be the home away from home for all Chinese students and scholars at Princeton University!

Mengjie Wang
March 14th, 2010

ACSSPU Elections 2010

President Candidate:

Name: Mengjie Wang 王梦洁

Year Of Study: 2009-2011

Major: Master in Finance



Other Candidates:

Name: Quzhao Hu
Year of study: Undergrad'12
Major: Economics with Certificate Programs in Japanese Language and Culture & Finance.
Position Preferences: 1. Vice President
2. Treasurer
3. Secretary

Name: Yunlai Zha, Jerry
Year of study: 1st year Graduate Student
Major: Electrical Engineering
Position Preferences: 1. new students representative
2. publicity chair
3. Webmaster

Name: Yue Tian
Year of study: 1st-year GS
Major: Electrical Engineering
Position Preferences: 1. vice president; 2. social chair

Name: Siran Li
Year of Study: 1st-year GS
Major: Electrical Engineering
Position Preference: Social Chair

Name: Tao Han
Year of study: 1st-year GS
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Position Preferences: vice president

Name: Xinxian Zheng (Cynthia)
Year of study: 1st-year GS
Major: East Asian Studies
Position Preferences: 1. Social Chair 2. Publicity Chair

Name: James Wang
Year of study: 1st-year GS
Major: Environmental Engineering
Position Preferences: external relations chair

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