Spring Festival Gala 虎年春节晚会

Spring Festival Gala 虎年春节晚会

2-13-2010 大年三十@ Richardson Alexander

  • 普林斯顿之虎年
  • The upcoming Chinese New Year will be Princeton’s Tiger Year!
  • 大年三十
  • To celebrate this special Chinese New Year, ACSSPU will hold, for the first time, its annual Gala on New Year's Eve, Feb 13rd 2010!
  • 普林斯顿最漂亮的百年剧场(800)
  • The gala will be held in one of the most beautiful landmarks in Princeton, Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall. With more than 100 years of history, the auditorium has a capacity of more than 800 people. So bring as many friends as you want to!

    If you'd like to input your ideas,

    direct the amazing gala,

    present your act on this professional stage,

    help out with staging, light, and sound

    contribute to the publicity effort,

or just be a part of the team,
Write to ASAP!

ACSS Events


Make Chocolate for your Valentine!

8:30-10:30pm, Campus Club
Sponsored by Asian Heritage Council and International Consortium
Come make your own customized chocolates for your sweet Valentine! We provide:
  • chocolate moulds of various shapes
  • colorful wrapping papers to decorate your own chocolates!
OR just come for:
  • delicious sweet dumplines
  • original Chinese tea
  • fruits(to dip in chocolate) and more!
You don't have to be a couple to come!


Celebrate the Chinese New Year with PNC Bank!

  • What: Chinese New Year - Year of Tiger
  • Where: PNC Bank, 76 Nassau St. Princeton
  • When: Feb. 8-15, During Bank Hours

Refreshment and small gifts - join the fun!


周六Jan 23 Camelback Mountain Resort Ski Trip

二十一世纪的前十年已经过去。过去的十年对我们每个炎黄子孙来说都是非常不平凡的十年。我们经历了非典,水,雪灾,风灾,地震和金融风暴等风风雨雨;我们也见证了神州上天,宇航员遨游太空,奥运成功举办,两岸直航等激动人心的时刻。随着新年钟声的敲响, 历史翻开了新的篇章。在 机遇和挑战中我们将迎来新的十年。为了再一次展示我们炎黄子孙团结友爱,在困难和灾难面前压不倒震不垮,齐心协力共度难关,共创明天的的决心勇气;同时也为强健体魄,增进友谊,朋友们, 请伸出你们热情的双手,邀请你周围的同学和朋友加入我们的行列。 让我们在运动中增 强我们的体魄;在冰雪中磨炼我们的意志;在合作中增进我们的了解和友谊 ;用我们的实际行动和激情来融化冰雪。 为两岸三地炎黄子孙血脉相连的手足之情喝彩 !

活动行程:早上 纽约-宾州 Camelback Mountain: No.1 Favorite Resort in PA

  • 7:30am: gathering at (mid town /at the corner of 42nd street and 7th AVE) waiting for our bus
  • 10:00am: all participants gather at Sunbowl Lodge Group Sales Office

下午 返回纽约

  • 4:30:pm: gathering in front of the Sunbowl Lodge Group Sales Office, prepare to go back
  • 6:30:pm: back to NYC

费用估计 Skiing: (We go as a group and we enjoy the GROUP rate ! And, tax free! )

First-Timer Package (Lift, Lesson & Rentals): $55+$2.16(Paypal Fee)=$57.16
First-Time Package+Transportation: $93.53
All Area Package (Lift, Lesson & Rentals): $70+$2.75(Paypal Fee)=$72.75
All Area Package + Transportation: $109.12
Snow tubing: $25+S1(Paypal Fee)=$26
Snow tubing +Transportation: $62.37
If you need transportation: please pay additional $35 + $1.37= $36.37

Huge discount: For instance, without discount, an individual beginner will have to pay $53.00 (lift ticket) + $33.00 (rental) = $86.00. With a 6% tax, it is $91.16. (Each of us saves at least $36.00.)] For more ticket information, please refer to

电话 :
Hongwen Zhu, 917-892-0669
Wenlong Tian, 303-241-9287
Guangrong Sun, 347-657-1008
Jame Gao: 908-938-2025
Kai Xu, 347-892-3979
Qipeng Chen, 646-468-0182 (Columbia University)
Weizhi Shao, 917-860-6662 (Columbia University)
网 页 :


Please send via Paypal to . (please include detail information, eg. Name, Package and contact, in memo when you send the payment) The deadline for online registration is Thursday (Jan. 21) noon. You may cancel your registration anytime before the deadline for refund.
We will refund the transportation fee if we find a ride partner for you.

交通: 组委会将联系BUS .

我们建议自驾 。 对于有交通工具的朋友, 请联委员会,我们将尽力为你寻求搭乘伙伴。
我们将及时更新活动的细节 ,欢迎大家来信咨询 ,踊跃报名。


注 :注意安全。自备合适的衣服。自备餐饮
现 正召集活动委员会成员 ,有兴趣的朋友们请联系