Spring Festival Gala 虎年春节晚会

Spring Festival Gala 虎年春节晚会

2-13-2010 大年三十@ Richardson Alexander

  • 普林斯顿之虎年
  • The upcoming Chinese New Year will be Princeton’s Tiger Year!
  • 大年三十
  • To celebrate this special Chinese New Year, ACSSPU will hold, for the first time, its annual Gala on New Year's Eve, Feb 13rd 2010!
  • 普林斯顿最漂亮的百年剧场(800)
  • The gala will be held in one of the most beautiful landmarks in Princeton, Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall. With more than 100 years of history, the auditorium has a capacity of more than 800 people. So bring as many friends as you want to!

    If you'd like to input your ideas,

    direct the amazing gala,

    present your act on this professional stage,

    help out with staging, light, and sound

    contribute to the publicity effort,

or just be a part of the team,
Write to ASAP!