ACSS Newsletter #3

10.26(Mon) 19:00 Friend Center 101
ACSSPU Invited Talk Series施正荣博士报告会

It is a great honor that ACSS can invite Dr. Shi to give a speech onthe chances and risk to start career in China after studying abroad,and share some of his experience.

Dr. Shi is the CEO at Suntech Power(无锡尚德电力有限公司). started the company at 2000 doing Solar-cell, and became the richestman in China at 2005 with net-worth as 2.3 billion US dollars accordingto In 2007, he was recognized as the hero in protectingenvironments by TIMES.

Location:Friend Center 101

Time:10.26(Monday) 19:00

SEATSLIMITED! Come Early to get the seat!

Fall Break Hiking 秋游 (sign up required)
10.31(The first Sat in fall break)

West Point (西点军校) and Seven Lakes and Bear Mountain State Park

Still remember the amazing hiking with classmates in high school or inuniversities? Wanna to give rid of the terrible days of mid-term test?ACSSPU bring you this wonderful opportunity! You can enjoy the storiesof West Point, the beautiful lake and colorful leaves in Bear MountainState Park, and also enjoy great fun with so many friends!

We will first visit West Point in the morning by rental bus. Then wewill have lunch and play at seven lakes and bear mountain in theafternoon. Leaving at 7:45 a.m. at Graduate College in the morning andcoming back at around 7:30 p.m. in the evening. Bring some food forlunch, and we will provide soup and some fruits.

To Sign up, please send an email to withthe title “秋游注册” or “Fall Break Hiking”.

Remember to bring your PASSPORTor DRIVER'S LICENSEwith you.

Cooperated by Princeton Christian Church Campus Fellowship.

Annual Basketball Game 新老生篮球赛
The second Saturday after FallBreak, Nov 28th

The annual Chinese graduate students' Basketball Game is in its making!After fall break, we will host a Basketball Game for all years in theDillon Gym. A team from each year will compete against each other forhonor and prize.

To Sign-up, please email to

1st Year:

2nd Year:

3rd Year:

4th Year:

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10.25 14:00-18:00 中国科技大学美国招聘会
@Room 303 Mudd Building,Columbia University

For more information see

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