[最好的场地,最棒的节目,最佳的时间] 普林斯顿虎年春节晚会/ACSSPU Spring Festival Gala 2-13(Sat) @ Richardson Auditorium


Spring Festival Gala 虎年春节晚会
2-13大年三十@ Richardson Auditorium

  • When: Saturday , Feb. 13th(Chinese New Year Eve)
Also, ACSSPU will provide a 2 hour tour around campus for visitors starting at 4:30p.m. Please write to to sign up.
  • Where: Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall
One of the most beautiful landmarks in Princeton. With more than 100 years of history, the auditorium has a capacity of more than 800 people. So bring as many friends as you want to!

Please refer to for more information about public transportation, driving direction and parking lots.
  • What: Various Shows
Lion Dancing 舞狮表演/ Chinese Traditional Dance by Kids 红绸舞表演 / Series of Pop Songs流行串烧《普林版换大米》/ Juggling花式空竹表演 / Sword Dance 剑舞表演 / Talk Show相声 / Musical “Love in Princeton”音乐剧《爱在普林》and much more!
  • Special Featuring:
Secret Guests, Secret Shows and Secret Gifts!
更有神秘嘉宾, 神秘节目和众多精美奖品
  • Tickets
All the tickets are available at First Campus Center from Feb 8th to Feb 13rd. (The ticket office is on the ground floor, next to the information desk.)

You can also buy tickets at Alexander Hall on date of the event!
  • Student Event Eligible!
You can exchange the tickets with your “students event eligible” tickets(the green one) for FREE. We also have a special discount for students, staff, and faculty with PUID at $7.

If you haven’t picked up your Princeton “passport to the performing arts”, you can pick them up at 313 West College (609-258-5750).

$10 for public